The South’s solution to precast products

The Souths solution to precast products

The new kids on the block (and beam)!

Launched in October 2021, Precast Structural Solutions (PSS) is a new company that specialises in the design, supply and installation of precast concrete products. It comes into the construction industry with the backing of significant experience within the precast concrete sector and also within the suspended floor slab sector as it benefits from close collaboration with metal floor decking specialists Structural Metal Decks (SMD).


Meet the Boss!

Heading the new outfit is Managing Director Adam Smith. Adam has been working within the construction supply chain for over 20 years.  He strives to ensure a strong customer focus and the need to provide excellent value and service from tender to contract completion. He believes in developing long-lasting, collaborative partnerships with clients. PSS is based in Southampton and predominantly cover the south of England.

Adam’s career includes over 15 years in the precast concrete industry, with experience in sales, operations and contract management. A CPCS Appointed Person for crane lifting operations, he takes a practical can-do approach when planning and organizing the businesses operations while outside of work, he focusses on his passions for football and golf.

Adam Smith

His dedication to working within the construction industry has been built over many years whilst delivering results and helping to grow the companies he’s been involved in. When we spoke with Adam this week, he said,

“My experience is both on and off site and combined with my keen desire for leadership and process improvement. I am genuinely passionate about developing people and teams.”

He believes in a `hands-on` leadership approach and has a proven record motivating teams to consistently increase efficiency. He’s commercially astute, with strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities, strengthened by his excellent communication skills. He told us,

“I thrive in a high-pressure environment and approach all situations with a calm and pragmatic mindset.”

End to end services

PSS aims to be a partner rather than a supplier by supporting customers through the design, supply and installation stages of their projects using precast concrete products.

The team is professional and dedicated to delivering effective, safe, practical and value-engineered solutions. They utilise bespoke design software to detail the precast flooring elements, which are supplied only by manufacturers dedicated to quality control. Delivery and installation come as part of the package, with installation teams undergoing a strict pre-qualification process before being included on the approved list.

Apart from the initial design service, PSS can offer ongoing technical support from its team of experts. Additionally, advice on solutions to common issues and answers to frequently asked questions are provided on the website.

End to End Service infographic

A long list of products and options.

PSS offers just about every precast flooring option on the market (and options for the options). These include floor slab systems such as insulated planks, hollowcore and wideslab, along with precast stairs, stair cores and lift shafts to solve your access requirements.

And as Adam explained, PSS can provide customers with a further range of products and services. These include dock leveller systems, beam and block flooring, insulated T-beam systems, stud welding and structural concreting operations.

For many years SMD has supplied the precast concrete industry with permanent slab edge shuttering in the form of metal edge trims. Now PSS will be able to offer customers these trims in a range of steel gauges to suit any overhang within the acceptable limits. As with the precast concrete products, its services will include design, supply, installation and support.

Improved safety

Also in conjunction with SMD, PSS can provide the hugely successful Voidsafe™ Protection System, which is a non-slip, composite Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) floor grating system that improves safety on site by covering service void openings during construction. Its use eliminates the requirement for handrailing around these voids – thereby reducing programme duration – and as a grating system it can be maintained in place throughout the life of the building.

The correct fall protection is a must when working at height. Utilising the best option for each project, PSS work directly with SMD’s in-house FASET approved installers to ensure a safe operation throughout.

Void Safe

Ask for a quote

We hope we have given you a little more of an insight into PSS and the products supplied and services available from us. Drop us an email or call us to gain a quote for your project.

We look forward to hearing from you!